It is a Perfect Solution to Manage Large-Scale Outdoor Lighting

Saving energy is one of the many important things that is concerned today. And with the best system from Wahana Solusi Pintar, you can easily manage the energy-efficient street lighting, commercial facility lighting, and large-scale community lighting. In addition, the LoRa system gives a modern touch that makes it very easy to use.

Smart Street Light system

Our Service Excellence

Many advantages that we can offer:

  • Provide modern systems with advanced technology such as monitoring centers, local street lamp controllers (NEMA single lamp/group lights), a gateway router and a server.
  • In addition, there are also remote controls, remote monitoring, real-time automatic detection, long-distance transmission, and the power to overcome signal problems which will certainly disrupt the performance of the street lights.

Product for Smart Street Lighting & Energy-Saving Management System