Food Safety – HACCP


Kiwi Technology helps you complete HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) requirements and food hygiene regulations effortlessly. With a wide range of food safety monitoring solutions, we ensure that food is safely stored within the specified temperature range.

Smart temperature monitoring management system to solve traditional manual transcription, record, save and manage requires a lot of manpower and difficult to quickly reflect food safety problems, using new IoT temperature sensor and wireless IoT technology, cloud-based IoT, with high efficiency and automation. The record, the completion of large-scale real-time data management, the deployment of intelligent temperature monitoring management system to protect consumers’ food safety. With this system, approximately 57% of the labor cost can be optimized.

The scope of HACCP includes everything from the farm to the entire supply chain – from farm to food service, processing, transportation, storage, retail and packaging.

  • Automatic Real-time wireless upload of temperature data of freezer and refrigerator
  • Abnormal situation alarm is sent to each related person APP
  • Data uploading, storage and comprehensive curve analysis of applications and one management IoT platform
  • APP users use mobile phones to quickly and easily understand current and historical data