Smart Water Meter

Kiwitec LAS-BXXX series are the LoRa technology smart water meter designed for horizontal installation. We feature with Innovative Magnet-Free measuring technology, direct reading LCD register, protected from condensation. Due to LoRa’s advantage, we build in the battery for almost 10 years life. Great choice for commercial building, submetering and smart building. Value added smart functions such as totalizer, flow rate, flow directions(forward/reverse), data-logging, leak detection, tamper alarms and MNF functions for DMA applications.

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Product Features

  • Long range transmission, could be almost 10Km ( depends on the interference in the air)
  • Frequency range: 470MHz/868MHz/920MHz for different
  • High sensitivity: -132dBm@810bps
  • RF power: 100mW

Target Application

  • Smart building, community
  • Smart factory
  • Smart agriculture
  • Submetering applications

Product Specification

RF Module TLM922S-P01A/TLM428S-N01
Frequency AS923, EU868, CN470
Communication Interval 1~1440 minutes
Power Built-in battery; DC 3.6V
Data Transmission Forward / Back flow; Totalizer;
Smart Functions (LNOUHB day); Configurable
Waterproof IP68
Battery Life-span 10 years

The consumption of the battery depends on the communications frequency.

Antenna Flexible antenna
Diameter 15mm, 20mm, 25mm

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