LAS-D01 (e-tag)

It is a LoRa smart electronic tag display that is suitable for those new items of Retail 4.0 sold in such places as smart supermarkets, hypermarkets and shopping malls. With built-in batteries, it can help save labor costs.

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System characteristics

Lora Module                       Depending on the built-in module models
Power Supply                      Lithium battery
Usage Time                          4 years (Receiving once every day)
Monitor                                E Paper Display
Colors Displayed                White, black, black and white, white and red
Monitor dimensions          2.1″ ` 4.2″

Electrical characteristics

Operating temperature     0oC ~ 30oC /- 20oC ~ 0oC
Operating humidity           0% – 95%
Storage temperature         -10oC ~ 40oC

Wireless performance parameters

Transmission rate              244bps ~ 18.2Kbps
Operating frequency          862 ~ 932MHz / 470 ~ 510MHz
Protocol                                LoRaWan ` Class A,B,C
Antenna                                Built-in PCB onboard

Power characteristics

Rx                                          <20uA
Tx                                          <150mA

Battery characteristics

Battery capacity                 DC 6v/550mAh x2
Battery material                 Lithium battery

Physical characteristics

2.1″ L x H x W                     70x40x14mm ‘ 40g
4.2″ L x H x W                    105x95x11mm ‘ 50g
Material                               ABS

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