About Our Technology

We operate a technology called LPWAN or Low Powered Wide Area Network. As the name suggests, LPWAN operates on low-bandwidth, powered by small batteries over a larger area. That being said, LPWAN provides a greater power efficiency compared to the traditional mobile networks.

By utilizing LPWAN technology, we are able to send small data over a wide area. We are doing that while still maintaining battery life over many years. It also has a simpler construction, which reduces the overall component cost.

The good news is that it only requires a low power. To ensure you get the best quality of network and service from our IoT technology, we utilize LoRa, an unlicensed LPWAN technology that happens to be one of the most widely deployed LPWANs today.

LoRa distributes information across frequency channels and data rates using encoded packets, which allows the messages to reduce the risk of colliding and interfering with one another.

About Our Technology

Our Technological Superiority

1 Easy Deployment
2 Low Cost
3 Professional Operation